20+ Best Christmas Party Ideas in 2022

In today’s post: You will find the most Christmas party ideas with the planning guide for 2021.

Christmas Party Ideas

This is a favorite time of the year for many people. Why not take one night in December and set up a nice holiday party.

Plan a small get-together with family and friends. It is a great excuse to get together.

Plan it early in December so it doesn’t conflict with all the Christmas Day events.

Before you get too deep in the planning see how many people will be able to come. Then base your plan on that number.

I like to make it a simple potluck meal with everyone bringing part of the meal.

Whatever works, Then you can fill in the blanks.

All you need for a small get-together is a few decorations, set the table and chairs up, refreshments, music, and some fun games to play.

Try to set up a couple of different seating areas, so people can just sit and talk while others play games.

It is a great night and really is nice to see everyone while they are in the holiday spirit.

Here is a short guide to give you some ideas of what a party entails:

  1. Pick a night
  2. Invitation phone calls
  3. Plan food needs based on what others are bringing
  4. Shopping for food, refreshments, decorations, and games
  5.  Verify with phone calls 7 days prior to the party
  6. Clean house
  7. Decorate and set up chairs
  8. Any last-minute cooking and food prep
  9. Settable
  10. Greet the guests
  11. Relax and enjoy the Christmas Party, it is just a casual event.

These are Ideas for The Best Christmas Party


1. White Christmas Party

Find this dreamy white Christmas party idea at “catchmyparty“.

2. Ornament Exchange Christmas Party

Check out the ornament exchange Christmas party at “frogprincepaperie“.

3. Red and Green Christmas Party

Find the red and green Christmas party at “thecardswedrew“.

4. Be Merry Christmas Party

Learn how to make this Christmas party at “karaspartyideas“.

5. Penguin Christmas Party

Go and try this Penguin Christmas Party you can find at “frogprincepaperie.

6. Merry Grinchmas Party

Learn the Merry Grinchmas Party at “catchmyparty.

7. Santa Hat Chair Covers

Go ahead and learn this lovely Santa Hat Chair Covers at “makeit-loveit.

8. Christmas Party Decoration

Find this Christmas party decoration at “rmhouseofnoise.

9. Snowmen, Super Bowl & Super Proud Mom

Take a look at the snowmen, super bowl & super proud mom at “stagerlinda.

10. Christmas Table

Take a look at this Christmas table at “aspoonfulofsugardesigns.

11. Easy Christmas Banner

Check out this easy Christmas banner at “town-n-country-living.

12. Hersheys Christmas trees

You can see this Hersheys Christmas tree at “brit.

13. IHeart Holiday – Let it, Snow

Find this IHeart Holiday – Let it, Snow at “iheartorganizing“.

14. Giant Paper Snowflakes

So, learn how to make these giant paper snowflakes at “ohhappyday“.

15. DIY Christmas Light Balloon Garland

Check out this DIY Christmas light balloon garland at “studiodiy“.

16. Winter “one” Derland Party

Find out this Winter “one” Derland Party at “catchmyparty“.

17. Decorating Cookies with Kids

See this Decorating Cookies with Kids at “bakeat350“.

18. Ugly Sweater Ideas For Your Holiday Party

So, do check it out at “thedatingdivas“.

19. Christmas Photo Booth Props with Free Cut File

Go and check out this Christmas Photo Booth Props with Free Cut File at “unoriginalmom“.

20. POKE-A-TREE Funny Christmas Game

Try this Funny Christmas Game and learn how to do it at “orientaltrading“.

21. Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Game Party

Check out this Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Game Party at “awesomejelly“.

22. Holiday Party Games – Jingle Bell Toss

This Holiday Party Games – Jingle Bell Toss was found at “playgroundparkbench“.

23. Christmas Cookie Decorating Station

Here’s another Christmas Cookie Decorating Station, made by “tarynwhiteaker“.

In Conclusion

I hope you find your Christmas party ideas from this list.

If you find this post helpful then you can share it with others or pin it for later.

Christmas party ideas

Here are 20+ of the best Christmas party ideas for your family’s funny holiday that give you some inspiration in 2022. Check them out

If you have any suggestions or questions for me, Then you can comment below and let me know about your feedback.

Finally, Thank you for spending time with us, Cheers!

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#Emilyblogger, Merry Christmas 🙂

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