80+ Easy DIY Christmas Crafts Ideas to Try This Year

If you’re searching for DIY Christmas Crafts ideas? then you are in the right place.

DIY Christmas Crafts Ideas

Christmas won’t be the same if there is no gift-giving, Christmas decorations, and even Christmas crafts ideas to be given away to friends and family.

Well, this is not a problem at all since you can make your own Christmas decor ideas and unique Christmas crafts ideas.

The good thing about these ideas is you can do it yourself.

Meaning, you don’t have to go to the mall or shop online just to have a decoration and a gift.

Now, you also have to think of your main theme before Christmas arrives.

Well, you can use your imagination and think of the best Christmas crafts ideas in which you can create a theme that is related to the holiday.

Once you have your own theme, you can start crafting decorations and simple gifts yourself.

In this way, people will truly appreciate your efforts since you made it yourself.

These Holiday Ideas of Christmas Crafts to Try This Year

Well, Here I collect some of the best holiday Christmas crafts ideas from different sources on the web in 2021, so you can easily get inspirations from this list and make your own Christmas crafts ideas.

And always remember that creating your Christmas crafts is more fun if you let your friends or family join your crafting endeavors for Christmas.

Well, this is also a part of Christmas and everybody will surely be happy once they make their own decorations, Christmas recipes, and even wrap gifts for the holiday season.

That is why you have to start early in having your Christmas crafts ideas and celebrate the special occasion with the ones you love.

Enjoy and may the spirit of Christmas be with you, my friend!

So let’s dive into it Christmas crafts ideas that you can do yourself.

1. Decorated Pinecone Christmas Trees Crafts

These little decorated pinecone Christmas trees were made by Dianne Toman Hayes and shared by ‘craftymorning‘.

2. Twine Snowman Christmas Craft

This DIY twine snowman needs translate to check out at ‘muyingenioso‘.

3. DIY Flower Pot Snowman Christmas Craft

I found this amazing flowerpot bell ornament. It is simple and easy to make check-out instructions at ‘flower pot crafts‘.

4. Frosted Paper Honeycomb Christmas Trees Craft

This is an awesome idea from ‘Lia Griffith‘. If you love to crafts paper decorations.

And for sure, you can create garlands, wreaths, candles, and more.

Well, you can also create recipes for the holiday celebration with your friends and family.

Always remember that you can fully decorate your home (indoor and outdoor) with any Christmas decoration you want.

5. DIY Christmas Wreath Craft

Check out this tutorial on how to make a Christmas wreath will have you making a Featured DIY Christmas wreath at ‘crazylittleprojects‘.

6. DIY Starbucks Snow Globe Tumbler

This tutorial will learn you how to make a Starbucks snow globe tumbler with Floating Glitter in This Step by Step Tutorial and Video at ‘sweetredpoppy‘.

7. DIY  Wood Slice Snowman Christmas Ornament Craft

Learn how to make your own snowman ornament from wood slices at ‘itsalwaysautumn‘.

8. DIY Sock Gnomes Christmas Craft

This tutorial with easy steps to follow on how to make sock gnomes. Check out its amazing idea at ‘itsalwaysautumn‘.

9. DIY Coffee Filter Snowflakes Christmas Craft

Check out how to make snowflakes at ‘mom‘.

10. DIY Snowflake Mason Jars

Snowflake mason’s jar’s Idea form “itallstartedwithpaint“.

11. Glitter Globe Christmas Craft

This unique glitter globe is easy to make for Christmas holidays you can jump for the full step-by-step at ‘camille styles‘.

12. DIY Christmas Township Candle Craft

Check out this DIY tutorial on how to make Christmas township candle holder with a pattern and two ways to make it at ‘shabbyartboutique‘.

13. Christmas Wine Glasses New Expanded Line

Beautiful wine glass candle holders for a Holiday or Christmas party and a super fun Christmas decoration that is easy to make and is super festive tutorial details at ‘thekeeperofthecheerios‘.

14. DIY Giant Craft Stick Snowflakes

This DIY giant craft stick snowflakes check out how to make one from ‘Crafty Nest‘.

15. DIY Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votives

This amazing Christmas tree mason jar votive is made from Quarts, Red Chalky Paint & Green Chalky Paint, Painter’s Tape, Christmas Tree Stencil (you can download here), Scissors, Paint Brush, Epsom Salt & Epsom Salt, White Jingle Bells, See how to make one at  “masonjarcraftslove“.

16. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree Craft

These are great! Such a unique idea from ‘oneprojectcloser‘.

17. Terracotta Christmas Tree Craft

You can get the details of this terracotta Christmas tree from “thebestideasforkids“.

18. Cardboard Tube Christmas Elf Craft

This attractive cardboard tube Christmas elf craft is made from a cardboard tube, See how to make your own at “artycraftykids“.

19. DIY Peppermint Candy Bowls

This DIY tutorial was made from peppermint candy and melted into a bowl, see how to make it at “princesspinkygirl“.

20. Paint Chip Christmas Cards Craft

The instruction for this attractive paint chip Christmas cards craft can be found at “onelittleproject”.


This DIY tutorial about pretty paper fern wreath is from “liagriffith”.

22. DIY Wine Cork Christmas Trees Craft

Check out this Wine cork Christmas trees crafting project at “Amagicalmess“.


Here is a DIY Tutorial by “Sugarandcharm”.

24. DIY Wood Lights Christmas Garland

Full tutorial for this DIY wood lights Christmas garland project at “Sugarandcloth”.

25. DIY Wooden Advent Calendar

Sugarandcharm” has a full tutorial on how to make a DIY Wooden Advent Calendar.

26. DIY Temporary Tattoo Ornaments

This DIY temporary tattoo ornament was found at “thecraftedlife“.

27. Recycled Crafts for Holiday Decor

From “countryliving“, This recycled craft for holiday decor looks so amazing.

28. Modern Christmas Wreath And Garland

Sugarandcharm” has a free DIY tutorial on how to make a modern Christmas wreath And garland.

29. Christmas Crafts with Kids & Kisses

Here are another Christmas crafts with kids & kisses, made by “itallstartedwithpaint“.

30. DIY Candy Christmas Cone Trees

hellowonderful” made this DIY tutorial about DIY candy Christmas cone trees.

31. Rustic Farmstyle Twine Bottles

nyclq focalpoint” made this easy DIY tutorial.

32. Burlap & Felt Christmas Pillow

This attractive burlap & felt Christmas pillow from “amyallinaday“.

33. Modern Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree


This DIY modern wooden tabletop Christmas tree idea is from “curbly“.

34. Fabric Covered Poster Board Christmas Tree Cones

This is a unique fabric-covered poster board Christmas tree cones idea from “thecreativityexchange“.

35. Christmas Wood Stocking Hanger

beyondthepicket fence” teaches us how to make a Christmas wood stocking hanger.

36. Colorful Advent Wreath Craft

orientaltrading” teaches us how to make a colorful advent wreath craft from the material.

37. Snowflake Wine Cork Ornament

This attractive snowflake wine cork ornament is made from a material, See how to make one at “virginiasweetpea“.

38. Simple Rustic Christmas Memory Tree

The instruction for this simple rustic Christmas memory tree can be found at “simpleasthatblog”.

39. Buch-Tannenbaum Book Tree

See how to DIY Buch-Tannenbaum book tree at “Here“.

40. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees Decorations

This DIY tutorial about beautiful pipe cleaner Christmas trees decorations is from “bluebearwood”.

41. Mini Wreath Christmas Ornaments

Check out this mini wreath Christmas ornaments project at “happinessishomemade“.

42. Pasta Christmas Ornaments

Here is a DIY Tutorial by “thebestideasforkids”.

43. Spoon Grinch Christmas Ornament

Full tutorial for this spoon grinch Christmas ornament crafting project at “thejoysharing”.

44. DIY Yarn Christmas Ornaments

orientaltrading” has a full tutorial on how to make yarn Christmas ornaments.

45. Toe Swedish Christmas with Cricut

This toe Swedish Christmas with Cricut was found at “Here“.

46. Easy Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornaments Craft

From “createandfind“, This popsicle stick Christmas ornaments craft looks so amazing.

47.  DIY Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen

craftaholicsanonymous” has a free DIY tutorial on how to make your own toilet paper roll snowmen.

48. Pom-Pom Christmas Tree Ornament

Here’s another Pom-Pom Christmas Tree Ornament, made by “thejoysharing“.

49. Tissue Paper Christmas Trees

designimprovised” made this DIY tutorial about tissue paper Christmas trees.

50. DIY Con Pompones

This easy DIY tutorial at “cafelargodeideas“.

51. Pom-Pom Ornaments for kids

This gorgeous Pom-Pom ornaments for kids from “lovelyindeed“.

52. Handmade Felt Christmas Ornaments

This DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments idea is from ‘”pillarboxblue“.

53. Glittering Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees Craft

This is a pretty glittering popsicle stick Christmas trees craft idea from “onelittleproject“.

54. Paper cone Christmas Tree for Cheap

agirlandagluegun” teaches us how to make a paper cone Christmas tree for cheap.

55. DIY Paper Star Advent Calendar

This Paper Star Advent Calendar at “ohohdeco“.

56. DIY Pinecone Owls

Find this easy tutorial at “liagriffith“.

57. Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Find this cool DIY Handmade Christmas Ornaments idea at “goodhousekeeping“.

58. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Find out how to make Tea Light Snowman Ornaments from “onelittleproject“.

59. Recycled Village of Gingerbread Houses

This complete tutorial is from “craftsbyamanda“.

60. Gingerbread Flavours & Wishing Tree

This complete tutorial is from “polkadotwedding“.

61. Peppermint Serving Tray

This Peppermint Serving Tray idea by “pizzazzerie“.

62. DIY Peppermint Wreaths

This peppermint wreath from “thecubiclechick“.

63. Peppermint Christmas Wreath Craft

This idea was made by “dreamywhites“.

64. Peppermint Candy Christmas Ornaments

Check out the tutorial here.

65. Peppermint Snowmen Pops Recipe

The idea was made by “frugalcouponliving“.

66. Sparkling Star Mason Jar Lid Ornament

This cool Sparkling Star Mason Jar Lid Ornament is from “domesticallyblissful“.

67. Christmas Cookie Container

This DIY Christmas Cookie Container idea is from “goodhousekeeping“.

68. Stained Glass Poinsettias

This stained glass poinsettia from “thecraftycrow“.

69. DIY Wrapping Paper Wreath

This complete tutorial is from “centsationalstyle“.

70. Clothespin Soldier Ornaments

Find out how to make Clothespin Soldier Ornaments from “altogetherchristmas“.

71. Childres’s Christmas Playhouse Makeover

Find this cool DIY Childres’s Christmas Playhouse Makeover idea at “atcharlotteshouse“.

72. Colorful Rhinestone Ornaments

Find this easy tutorial at ‘whitehousecrafts‘.

73. Christmas tree craft

This Christmas tree craft at ‘thespacebetweenblog‘.

74. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

This is an attractive Giant Paper Plate Lollipops idea from ‘smartschoolhouse‘.

75. Wooden Christmas Tree

This unique Wooden Christmas Tree from ‘justdestinymag‘.

76. Pumpkin Seed Christmas Trees

This easy DIY tutorial is at ‘bethbryan‘.

77. Antler Wood Slice Ornaments

Check out this Antler Wood Slice Ornaments project at “cherishedbliss“.

78. Cinnamon Scented Ornaments

This DIY tutorial about marvelous Cinnamon Scented Ornaments is from “thefrugalhomemaker”.

79. Santa Ornament

The instruction for this beautiful Santa Ornament can be found at “sewmanyways”.

80. DIY Snowman Clothespins

This stunning Snowman Clothespin, See how to make one at ‘bfranklincrafts‘.

In Conclusion

Bear in mind that there are endless possibilities in which you can create your homemade Christmas decorations and gifts.

You can brainstorm with your family or friends with regards to the kind of decorations you will make.

Also, you can search online with regards to craft ideas for Christmas.

In this way, you already have an idea of what kind of materials you can use in your crafts.

So, I hope this list of Christmas crafts ideas was helpful.

What do you think about these ideas? Do you think you’ll give any of them a try?

Let me know in the comments section below, and as always, feel free to share this post of Christmas crafts ideas with others or pin it for later!


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