60+ Easy and Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids You’ll Love

In today’s post: You will find the most Christmas Crafts for Kids to try this year.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas arts and crafts for kids make the season just a bit more exciting.

My sons are crazy about crafts, particularly my 5 year old.

He could work on arts and crafts all day long, so I’ve been collecting seasonal craft ideas for some time to work with him over December.

He’s thrilled to be decorating the house with his own handiwork!

So on this page, you will find several fun Christmas arts and crafts for kids that I’ve found and bookmarked over the past several months.

Grab some craft supplies (most of these useful things you already have on hand) and a child and get to work!

These Ideas Of Christmas Crafts for Kids

Check out this Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids and let me know what you think!


1. Christmas Tree Banner Craft Kit

This simple Christmas tree banner craft kit, See how to make one at “Here“.

2. Sequin Ornaments

The instruction for these pretty sequin ornaments can be found at “paper and glue”.

3. Paper Ball Reindeer Christmas Craft for kids

This DIY paper ball reindeer Christmas craft for kids tutorial, see how to make your own at “Here“.

4. Rudolph Gift Tags

This DIY tutorial about Rudolph gift tags is from “girljustdiy”.

5. Paper Plate Christmas Tree Kids Craft

Check out this paper plate Christmas tree kid’s crafting project at “creativefamilyfun“.

6. DIY Ornaments using pom pom

Here is a DIY Tutorial by “vikalpah”.

7. Family Handprint Christmas Tree

Full tutorial for this project at “mamasmiles”.

8. Toilet Roll Reindeer Ornament for Kids

happyhooligans” has a full tutorial on how to make a toilet roll reindeer ornament for kids.

9. Tissue Paper Wreath

This tissue paper wreath was found at “happinessishomemade“.

10. Felt Candy Ornaments

From “happinessishomemade“, These felt candy ornaments look so amazing.

11. Tin Can Christmas Tree Activity

babbledabbledo” has a free DIY tutorial on how to make a tin can Christmas tree activity.

12. Mason Jar and Felt Gnome

Here’s another mason jar and felt gnome, made by “heyletsmakestuff“.

13. Cute Christmas Cloche

pillarboxblue” made this DIY tutorial about cute Christmas cloche.

14. DIY Glowing Snow Globe

funathomewithkids” made this easy DIY tutorial.

15. Cinnamon Stick Christmas Ornaments

These beautiful cinnamon stick Christmas ornaments from “thisgrandmaisfun“.

16. Mini Christmas Wreaths from Mason Jar Lids

This DIY mini Christmas wreaths from mason jar lids idea is from “sadieseasongoods“.

17. Unique Gifts for Kids

This is a unique gift for kids idea from “thenymelrosefamily“.

18. Tape Resist and Salt Painting

mericherry” teaches us how to make a tape resist and salt painting.

19. Cinnamon Stick Reindeer Ornament

You can find this cinnamon stick reindeer ornament at ‘creativehomemaking‘.

20. Gingerbread Printable Holiday Friends Preschool Craft

Find this easy tutorial at “survivingateacherssalary“.

21. Christmas Tree Banner

Find this cool DIY Christmas tree banner idea at “simpleasthatblog“.

22. Giant Christmas Light Suncatchers

Find out how to make giant Christmas light suncatchers from “andnextcomesl“.

23. DIY Wooden Ornaments

This complete tutorial is from “thecountrychiccottage“.

24. Santa Handprint Ornament

This santa handprint ornament from”thebestideasforkids“.

25. Santa Beard Craft for Kids

This Santa beard craft for kids idea by “nontoygifts“.

26. Popsicle Stick Christmas Crafts

This idea was made by “thebestideasforkids“.

27. Paper Plate Santa

artycraftykids” has a simple tutorial to make paper plate santa.

28. Santa Beard Christmas Countdown Craft

Idea by “iheartcraftythings“.

29. Santa Handprint Craft for kids

The idea was made by “thebestideasforkids“.

30. Paper Plate Santa Claus

This idea is from “iheartcraftythings“.

31. Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

The idea found at “Here“.

32. Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

These attractive popsicle stick Christmas trees, See how to make one at  “onelittleproject“.

33. Handprint Christmas Tree

The instruction for this simple handprint Christmas tree can be found at “thebestideasforkids”.

34. Christmas Tree Card

The idea found at “Here“.

35. Egg Carton Christmas Crafts

This idea is from “thebestideasforkids“.

36. Christmas Handprint Cards

The idea was made by “thebestideasforkids“.

37. Christmas Kids Craft: Grinch Ornaments

happinessishomemade” has a simple tutorial to make grinch ornaments.

38. Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

The instruction for these amazing beaded snowflake ornaments can be found at “happinessishomemade”.

39. Snowman Stick Puppets

This DIY tutorial, see how at Here“.

40. Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

This DIY tutorial about Christmas toilet paper roll crafts is from “thebestideasforkids”.

41. Quilled Christmas Lights Craft

Check out this quilled Christmas lights crafting project at “savingyoudinero“.

42. Adorable Kids Santa Craft for Christmas

Here is a DIY Tutorial by “iheartcraftythings”.

43. Santa Christmas Paper Plate Craft for Kids

Full tutorial for this project at “acultivatednest”.

44. Wooden Spoon Christmas Crafts

thebestideasforkids” has a full tutorial on how to make wooden spoon Christmas crafts.

45. Santa and Reindeer Stick Puppets

These Santa and reindeer stick puppets were found at “Here“.

46. No-Sew Sock Penguin Craft

From “easypeasyandfun“, This no-sew sock penguin craft looks so attractive.

47. Paper Plate Christmas Wreath {Kid Craft}

gluedtomycraftsblog” has a free DIY tutorial on how to make a paper plate Christmas wreath.

48. Popsicle Stick Rudolf Ornament

Here’s another popsicle stick Rudolf ornament, made by “gingersnapcrafts“.

49. Dancing Newspaper Elf Craft

kidscraftroom” made this DIY tutorial about dancing newspaper elf craft.

50. Paper Plate Snowman Craft

easypeasyandfun” made this easy DIY tutorial.

51. Paper Plate Santa Beard Craft for Kids

This cool paper plate Santa beard craft for kids from “nontoygifts“.

52. DIY Santa Binoculars

This DIY Santa Binoculars idea is from “mericherry“.

53. Paper Roll Christmas Craft

This is an attractive paper roll Christmas craft idea from “nontoygifts“.

54. Candy Cane Reindeer

onelittleproject” teaches us how to make a candy cane reindeer craft for kids.

55. Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament

Club Chicacircle” made this snowman mason jar luminary ornament.

56.  Cardboard Tube Children & Snowmen

Watch this easy tutorial at “craftsbyamanda“.

57. Reindeer Handprint

Check out this cool DIY reindeer handprint idea at “Here“.

58. 3D Construction Paper Reindeer

Find out how to make 3D construction paper reindeer from “easypeasyandfun“.

59. Tin Can Trees

This complete tutorial is from “madeeveryday“.

60. DIY Christmas Tic Tac Toe Board Game


This cool DIY Christmas tic tac toe board game idea is made by “crayonsandcravings“.

61. Snowman Toilet paper roll crafts

This amazing snowman toilet paper roll crafts idea by “curiousandgeeks“.

62. Selfie Snowglobe

This idea was made by “sewsimplehome“.

63. Kid-Made Dish Towels

icanteachmychild” has a simple tutorial to make Kid-Made Dish Towels.

64. Jingle Bell Necklace

Idea by “prekinders“.

65. Handprint Christmas Card

You must watch the DIY tutorial on how to make a handprint Christmas card at “thebestideasforkids“.

66. Paper Plate Elf Craft for Kids

The details on how to make paper plate elf craft for kids is “Here“.

67. Ombre Christmas Tree Garland

The DIY tutorial is found at “Here“.

68. Christmas Slime Recipe

Find out how to make a Christmas slime recipe at “thebestideasforkids“.

Final Words

I hope you find your Christmas crafts for your kids from these collections.

If you find this article helpful then you can share it with others or pin it for later.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

If you have any suggestions or questions for me, Then you can comment below and let me know about your feedback.

Finally, Thank you for spending time with us, Cheers!


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