25 Best Christmas Chex Mix Recipes Of 2022

In today’s post: You will find the best recipe for Christmas Chex mix to try this year.

🥳 Like we know Christmas is a very special occasion.

People make things on Christmas and I have come up to you with some Christmas Chex mix recipes, Sweet Chex mix recipes, and Christmas crack to make your holiday season a memorable one.

It’s been a tradition to make special recipes on Christmas.

Here I have sorted out my favorite twenty-five recipe for Christmas Chex mix.

One recipe for one day till the end of the twenty-fifth of December.

Watch this video about How to Make Christmas Chex Mix.

I hope you enjoy and find this video helpful from the channel “Collard Valley Cooks“.

Things You Need to Make Christmas Chex Mix Recipes

So Let’s dive into it the best Christmas Chex Mix Recipes.

These Are The Best of Christmas Chex Mix Recipes

I hope you will love this idea of making one recipe for one day.


1. Sweet & Salty Cashew Christmas Chex Mix

See how to easily make this sweet and salty cashew Chex mix recipe at “julieseatsandtreats”.

2. Caramel Churro Christmas Chex Mix

Check out this caramel churro Christmas Chex mix recipe at “confessionsofacookbookqueen“.

3. Zesty Ranch Christmas Chex Mix

Here is a Chex mix recipe by “hoosierhomemade”.

4. Sweet Holiday Chex Mix

This Christmas Chex mix recipe was found at “cookingclassy“.

5. Lucky Rainbow Christmas Chex Mix

Full tutorial for this recipe at “tablespoon”.

6. Christmas Chex Mix Arare

lafujimama‘ made this recipe about Christmas Chex mix arare.

7. Thin Mint Flavored Christmas Chex Mix

These Christmas recipe are the quickest, cutest, easiest sweet holiday Chex Mix found at “tablespoon“.

8. Addicting Toffee Christmas Chex Mix

Find this easy Chex mix recipe at ‘everydaydishes‘.

9. Salt and Vinegar Chex Mix

Find this tasty Chex mix idea at ‘bettycrocker‘.

10. Apple Cinnamon Snack Mix

Find out how to make an apple cinnamon snack mix at ‘pocketchangegourmet‘.

11. Buffalo Cheddar-Ranch Christmas Chex Mix

This recipe for christmas chex mix idea was made by ‘iowagirleats

12. Almond Coconut Christmas Chex Mix

This recipe idea was made by ‘tastesbetterfromscratch‘.

13. Sweet Christmas Chex Mix Recipe


somewhatsimple” has a simple tutorial to make a sweet Christmas Chex Mix recipe.

14. Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix

The Christmas Chex mix idea was made by ‘inkatrinaskitchen‘.

15. Homemade Margarita Christmas Chex Mix

This easy recipe tutorial by “cupcakeproject”.

16. Orange Cranberry  Christmas Chex Mix

Full tutorial for this Chex mix recipe at “diethood”.

17. Buckeye Christmas Chex Mix

You can get the details of this recipe for Christmas Chex mix from “gluedtomycraftsblog“.

18. Sugar Cookie Christmas Chex Mix

You must watch the simple sugar cookie Christmas Chex Mix tutorial at “dinnersdishesanddesserts”.

19. Snickers Christmas Chex Mix

You can jump for the full step-by-step recipe tutorial at “iowagirleats”.

20. Healthier Coconut Almond Christmas Chex Mix

You can jump for the details of how to make healthier coconut almond Christmas Chex Mix at “lovelylittlekitchen”.

21. Autumn Spice Christmas Chex Mix with Pecans and Cranberries

Here’s another delicious Christmas Chex Mix, the recipe made via ‘heatherchristo‘.

22. Mom’s Secret Christmas Eve Chex Mix

Find this easy recipe at ‘halfbakedharvest‘.

23. Christmas Chex Mix

Find this Simple and delicious Christmas Chex Mix recipe at “bellyfull“.

24. Easy Christmas Chex Mix

Set up an easy Chex Mix for Christmas this recipe via “iheartnaptime“.

25. aka Chex Christmas Mix

Set a festive mood with this easy aka Chex Christmas Mix found at “whatsgabycooking“.

Final Words

I hope you find your Christmas Chex mix recipes from these collections.

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Christmas Chex Mix Recipes

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