60+ Best Handmade Christmas Card Ideas in 2022

In today’s post: You will find the best Christmas card ideas that you can try.

Christmas Card Ideas

I like to make some Christmas cards each year, but I must confess that half of the problem is coming up with new ideas.

So I am in the process of collecting handmade Christmas card ideas to display on this page.

You’ll find ideas ranging from paper tole to collage to stamping to pop-up cards and many other different ideas for this December.

Sometimes you need to make many cards to give to a long list of family and friends.

In this case, you may want a style that is easy and quick to make. Other times you may just want to make one or two really special “pieces of art”.

You’ll find some different suggestions here to give you lots of creative ideas.

Handmade Christmas Card Ideas 2021

It’s time to start thinking about your Christmas cards.

I hope these ideas help to get the creative juices flowing!

1. Wood Slice Christmas Magnets From Vintage Cards

Find the dreamy Christmas card at “modpodgerocksblog“.

2. Geometric Christmas Ornament with Christmas Cards

Check out the Christmas card at “whatsupfagans“.

3. Recycle Old Christmas Cards with a Cutie Crate DIY

Find the Christmas card at “pinkfortitude“.

4. DIY Christmas Coasters

Learn how to make this merry Christmas card at “annsentitledlife“.

5. Christmas Gift Tags for Free from Old Christmas Cards

Go and try this merry Christmas card you can find at “whatsupfagans“.

6. Recycled Christmas Cards Ornaments

Learn the Christmas card at “diyinspired“.

7. Recycled Paper Christmas Cards Decorations

Go ahead and learn this lovely Christmas card at “partyplanningcenter“.

8. Washi Tree

Find the Christmas card at “thyme-is-honey“.

9. DIYs Made from Repurposed Cards

Take a look at the Christmas card at “brit“.

10. Christmas Card Wreath

Take a look at the Christmas card wreath at “craftysy“.

11. Fingerprint Lights Christmas Card

You can get the DIY tutorial of this fingerprint lights christmas card at “thejoysharing”.

12. Gift Box Christmas Card

You must watch the DIY tutorial on how to make a gift box Christmas cards at “thejoysharing”.

13. Gingerbread House Christmas Card

You can jump for the DIY tutorial of this gingerbread house Christmas card at “iheartcraftythings”.

14. Paint Chip Christmas Cards

See how to easily make this paint chip Christmas card ideas at “onelittleproject”.

15. Kid-made DIY String Art Christmas Cards

Check out these kid-made diy string art Christmas cards at “hellowonderful“.

16. Triangle Christmas Tree Cards

Full tutorial for this triangle christmas tree cards at “nontoygifts”.

17. East 3d Christmas Tree Pop Up Card

artsycraftsymom‘ has a free DIY tutorial on how to make an east 3d Christmas tree pop-up card.

18. Christmas and Holiday Cards

thejoysharing‘ made this DIY tutorial about Christmas and holiday cards.

19. Christmas Tree Thumbprint Art Craft

This Christmas tree thumbprint art craft idea is from ‘adabofgluewilldo‘.

20. Handmade Christmas Cards Ornaments

Find this cool handmade Christmas cards ornaments idea at ‘make-it-your-own‘.

21. Kid-made Christmas Reindeer Cards

Find this amazing kid-made Christmas reindeer cards idea at ‘nontoygifts‘.

22. Snowman Christmas Card

Find this easy snowman christmas card tutorial at ‘easypeasyandfun‘.

23. Pom-Pom Wreath Christmas Card

You can find this pom-pom wreath Christmas card at ‘thejoysharing‘.

24. Santa Christmas Cards Craft


This Santa Christmas cards craft idea is from ‘kidscraftroom‘.

25. Glittery Christmas Tree Craft

iheartcraftythings‘ made this craft tutorial about glittery Christmas trees.

26. DIY 3D Paper Ornament Christmas Card Idea

Here’s another DIY 3d paper ornament Christmas card idea, made by ‘easypeasyandfun‘.

27. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Craft for Cards

craftymorning‘ has a free craft tutorial on how to make a pipe cleaner Christmas tree for cards.

28. Reindeer Puppets Greeting Cards

This reindeer puppets greeting cards was found at “kidscraftroom“.

29. Homemade Santa Hat Christmas Card

handsonaswegrow‘ has a full tutorial on how to make a homemade Santa hat Christmas card.

30. DIY Magic Trick Christmas Card

Full tutorial for this DIY magic trick Christmas card at “hellowonderful”.

31. DIY 3D Christmas Card Pop Up

Here is a DIY Tutorial by “redtedart”.

32. Easy Holiday Cards

Check out these easy holiday cards at “krokotak“.

33. Snow Globe Template Card

See how to easily make this snow globe template card idea at “thebestideasforkids”.

34. Easy DIY Christmas Card

This is an attractive diy Christmas card idea from ‘childhood101‘.

35. Santa Christmas Card

These unique Santa Christmas Card from ‘iheartcraftythings‘.

36. Christmas Ornament Bulbs

From ‘craftymorning‘, These Christmas ornament bulb looks so beautiful.

37. Bauble Christmas Card Design

This DIY tutorial about bauble Christmas card design is from “redtedart”.

38. Quick Snowman Christmas Card

Full tutorial for this quick snowman Christmas card at “cuteasafox”.

39. Snowman Christmas Card

This gorgeous snowman Christmas card, See how to make one at  ‘thebestideasforkids‘.

40. Christmas Greeting Card

Try this Christmas greeting card and learn how to do it at “emmaowl“.

41. Christmas Tree Card

Go and check out this Christmas tree card at “iheartcraftythings“.

42. Easy DIY Christmas Card

Dreamy, right? Find this easy diy Christmas card at “childhood101“.

43. Quilled Christmas Tree Cards

You can check these quilled Christmas tree cards at ”redtedart“.

44.  Christmas Art with Pointillism for Kids

See this cool Christmas art with pointillism for kids at “coffeeandcarpool“.

45. Paper Strips Christmas Crafts

See this paper strips christmas crafts at “thekeeperofthecheerios“.

46. Yarn Laced Christmas Tree Cards

Find out these amazing yarn-laced Christmas tree cards at “danyabanya“.

47. String Art Christmas Crafts

Check out these cute string art Christmas crafts at “theflyingcouponer“.

48. Easy DIY Holiday & Christmas Cards

So, learn how to make these Christmas cards at “cenduparam“.

49. Bow Tie Noodle Wreath Craft for Christmas

Find this sweet bow tie noodle wreath craft for christmas at “craftymorning“.

50. DIY Light-up Christmas Cards

You can see here these lovely light-up Christmas cards at “mamasmiles“.


check out these nice Christmas cards with coffee filters at “projectswithkids“.


Take a look at the Christmas cards using science at “ourfamilycode“.


Check out these watercolor Christmas cards for kids at “projectswithkids“.

54. Turn your child’s art into Christmas cards

So take a look at the turn of your child’s art into Christmas cards via “nurturestore“.

55. Elf Christmas Card Design

Find the elf Christmas card design at “redtedart“.

56. DIY Tie-Dye Christmas Cards

Here is a DIY tie-dye Christmas cards Tutorial by “happytoddlerplaytime”.

57. Christmas Reindeer Card

Go ahead and learn this lovely Christmas reindeer card at “picklebums“.

58. Paper Chain Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

Learn the paper chain pop-up Christmas tree card at “redtedart“.

59. Christmas Stocking Pop-Up Card

This DIY Christmas stocking pop-up card idea is from ‘thesoccermomblog‘.

60. Snow Globe Template Card

‘Kim‘ made this easy DIY snow globe template card tutorial at ‘thebestideasforkids‘.

Final Words

I hope you find your favorite Christmas card ideas from this list.

If you find this post helpful then you can share it with others or pin it for later.

Best Christmas Card Ideas

If you have any suggestions or questions for me, Then you can comment below and let me know about your feedback.

Finally, Thank you for spending time with us, Cheers!

#Emilyblogger, Merry Christmas.

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